Program Direction

  • Violence against women including domestic violence
  • Sexual harassment at workplace
  • Sexual and reproductive rights including rights of sexual minorities
  • Promotion of women’s rights philanthropy and fundraising
  • Women’s voices and engagement for accountability, good governance and transparency
  • Studies, assessments, and monitoring on accountability, good governance and transparency
  • Strengthening of monitoring methods and skills
  • Improvement of women’s rights to own, to profit and to administer assets/properties
  • Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of women’s NGOs, groups, coalitions and movement
  • Strengthen and further the achievements of women’s political and social participation on local level and replicate the experience and lessons on the national scale
  • Capacity development of girls and young women for realization of their rights
  • Sexual violence, in particular sexual violence of underage girls
  • Strengthen leadership for social, economic, cultural and political participation
  • Education, health, intellectual investment and other activities to promote social status and wellbeing of girls and young women
  • Promoting policy agenda on climate change and women’s rights,
  • Monitoring and assessment of the impact of climate change on rights of women, and educate and train on prevention and mitigation of this impact.