Domestic donors donate for single mothers

In 2018, we strive towards creating a domestic fund worth of MNT 105 million in order to provide three single mothers with many children who need urgent help with an environmentally friendly, ecological housing.

10 percent of Mongolian households are single mothers. These women face many issues, such as seeking accommodation and workplace and providing a safe, warm living environment for their children.

Mongolian Women’s Fund (MONES) focuses its efforts on women of these population groups, especially targeting those who are above the age of 35 with many children, who need the most urgent aid. There are many great examples attesting to the fact that supporting and investing in these women would increase their self-confidence and belief in life; enhanced quality of life, and the mothers pay better attention to their children.

Mongolians have a remarkable tradition of helping those in need from the deepest of their hearts. Building on this legacy, we are making efforts to promote the culture of philanthropy to donate bits and pieces towards women’s development and progress.

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