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Philanthropy Days (May 11, 1-30)

How we celebrate Philanthropy-Days?

Every year we celebrate Philanthropy-Days with the different goal and motto. In 2016, fundraising for operating costs of National Center Against Violence was organized first time and amounted in total 2.2 million Mongoian Tugriks. The donation designated to cover expenses of providing protection shelters and social work and psychological intervention to victims of sexual and domestic violence.

In 2007-2014, our fundraising activities aimed at strengthening single-headed mothers. Reasons why we chose to support this vulnerable group were that most of their household income is low, they lack of confidence, and are facing more challenges in parenting and looking after themselves than others. We provided donations to chosen 10 NGOs as grantees, which work with women who lacked self confidence and information, and had low income. For 7 years, we assisted to more than 360 women for looking after themselves and their children. Many of the women, benefitted from the grants are now having stable income.


88 DAYS Campaign for protecting women and girls from sexual violence, has been organized since 2006 annually during International Human Rights and Women’s Rights days. Donation gathered from the Campaign was granted to 20 projects for combating violence against women.

88 DAYS Campaign started with parade on 10th of December, 2015 in Sukhbaatar Square for International Human Rights Day. 69 representatives from MONES including volunteers, supporters, activists, students as well as staff participated to the parade.

Furthermore, qualitative and quantitative studies and surveys results regarding women’s rights done by NGOs in 2012-2015, presented and discussed during 88 DAYS Campaign in 2015 and 2016. MONES compiled study results and disseminated to civil societies and general public. Compillation includes women’s political participation, sexual harassment in educational environment, gender based violence, problems teen mothers face, awareness raising of preventing gender based violence of students from primary school, and monitoring reports conclusions.