PAYPAL ашиглан хандив өргөх.

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Voluntary participation in the activities aimed at helping others, are activities of empathy, love and respect. By volunteering you will gain skills that will help you shape up your future, you will be able to clarify your life goals, learn about society and how to contribute for real. As MONES volunteer you will be able to contribute to raising necessary funds for the advancement of women and tackle challenges women face in struggle for their rights. Women’s empowerment is the vital component of healthy and just development of the country.

By becoming our volunteer you will:
• Raise funds for women’s rights
• Participate and organise campaigns for women’s rights
• Participate in project activities
• Initiate, write and implement projects
• Represent MONES in meetings and gatherings other organisation host, both locally and overseas
• Written and oral translations from and to Mongolian

If you would like to join a team of vibrant individuals that are passionate about gender equality and women’s rights download and fill out our form here!