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  • In-Kind Donations
  • Monetary Donations
  • Fundraising event (VIP party for women in decision-making levels, Philantropy Days celebrations)
  • Placing donation boxes and distributed donations envelopes: BOSA Co., Batbaigal Bakery, Sky Shopping Center, Cashmere House shop
  • Online Fundraising Campaigns
  • Small Fundraising sales, lottery and public campaigns.

Annual Information Fair for Women’s organizations held first time in Mongolia. 

Information Fair 2017 was held as welcoming International Women’s Rights Day, with the motto of “ONE GOAL – ONE VOICE”. Locally, 25 women’s NGOs and groups participated in the event and promoted and shared their experience, issues, challenges, solutions, potential partnerships, achievements, and carried out actions in 2016 with others and to general public.

Furthermore, this year’s Information Fair was held under the goal of ending any kind of violence against women.

Online Fundraising Challenge

Since 2013, Campaign of Movement “One Billion Rising” for combating violence against women is mobilized from February until 8 of March every year. The Campaign aims at raising awareness of public regarding all kind of violence against women and ensuring inclusion of general public to end violence.

In scope of organization of Campaign “ONE BILLION RISING” international movement in Mongolia – 2017, MONES contributed 745,000 MNT that involves calling 91 individuals and 3 organizations for a challenge to support the campaign. The contributed donation was handed over to Beautiful Hearts Campaign NGO, to protect the child victims.

We wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your donation with protecting women from violence!!!