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Requirement for grant applications:
Topic: fits the five areas defined above
Content: targets effectively an objective progress, basis or capacities in the issue area, is achievable within the limited time and resources
Activities: appropriate information, knowledge and methods, training in /introduction of skills and approaches, studies, assessments in selected topics; consultation with stakeholders and consensus building; responsive to needs of beneficiaries, other activities that target specific progress, etc
Type: grant activities can be of any type but priority will be given to:

  • Consultations, consensus building, achieving common understanding, interpretation as well as traditional types such as informing and educating
  • Mobilizing, strengthening of movements, coalitions, networks, on local level in particular
  • Developing and implementing strategies/programs/plans
  • Studies, researches, assessments, formulation of messages
  • Social media and other IT technology application
  • Study tours, degree and non-degree scholarships/fellowships and strengthening of leadership

MONES program will be based on studies, researches and assessments, from which it will draw relevant knowledge, approaches and methods, consultations with its stakeholders, responsive to needs and interests of its beneficiaries, and will target tangible results. It will place more emphasis to the following efficient and new approaches:

  • Promotion of movements, networks, on local level in particular, built around a specific issue
  • Enhanced use of social media and modern IT technologies
  • Internships, fellowships, site visits and study tours
  • Development and broad distribution of papers, presentations, manuals and guidelines
  • Studies, assessments and analyses.