3-episode training cartoon for young aged children

Within the framework of the “Upholding children’s right for the violence-free environment: the good/bad touch” project, Mongolian Women Fund has developed 3-episode training cartoon for 4 to 5-year-old children, in order to increase their knowledge on prevention of the violence against children.

The cartoons’ content was developed by project team members in consultation with pre-school and child protection specialists from Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Culture, Metropolitan Education Department, Family-Child-Youth Development Agency, National Child Protection Network NGO, Beautiful Hearts NGO and kindergarten methodologists from No 5 and No 57.

Through these cartoon series, young children will have more awareness of their bodies, the good and the bad touches, and overall prevention techniques against violence. Training cartoon is being disseminated via social media such as YouTube channel, MONES web site, as well as Facebook.

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