With the financial support from Mongolian Women’s Fund, the Social Services and Work Evaluation Center NGO has successfully implemented “GIRLS’ and WOMEN’S RIGHTS DEFENDERS” a four-months training and capacity building programme started in February 2018.

The program aims to contribute to the reduction of gender-based discrimination against girls and women. 25 young people – students from Mongolian National Education University, the Mongolian University of Science and Technology, the National University of Mongolia, the National University of Medical Science, the University of Law and Jurisdiction, participated in the programme, during which they identified most pressing social issues, and increased their awareness of gender and human rights. They have also initiated and implemented community-based micro-impact projects.

Students who participated in the program underwent training on topics of:

  • What are the social problems?
  • Gender Equality
  • Gender stereotypes and Human rights approach
  • Standards of academic research
  • How to prepare and present the paper
  • Action based research on gender equality
  • Fundraising
  • Besides classroom-based awareness training in the areas mentioned above, we organized study tours to local NGOs and civil society groups working on the elimination of violence and other issues related to women’s rights violations.

Through developing and implementing their community projects, participants mentioned that the programme has boosted their self-esteem, their sense of social responsibility and improved their teamwork and creative problem-solving skills.

Participants strived to tackle issues that violate the rights of girls and women in society, these include poverty women with multiple disadvantages face, discrimination of LGBTIs, workplace sexual harassment, and reproductive rights for adolescent girls.

  • The micro-projects initiated by the youth have been implemented for 3 weeks and reached more than 8,000 people, both directly or indirectly.
  • At the end of the program, participants organized into a youth club and called it “GIRLS’ AND WOMEN’S RIGHTS DEFENDERS” to join forces with local organizations in the protection of girls’ and women’s rights.

We, Social Services and Work Evaluation Center would like to thank the Mongolian Women’s Fund for the financial and technical support in increasing youth participation in addressing social issues.

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