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As per the last year report from the National Police Authority, 298 children fell victims of sexual abuse. And these are only reported cases. On top of that news about violence against children have been flooding the media, for instance, a 13 year old girl was raped and murdered in a hotel room, step father raped his 5 year old step-daughter, and a girl as little as 20 months old was sexually abused.

Seven women, united under the call for more rigid and strict punishment for perpetrators of child sexual abuse, using social media channels organized a “No Longer Tolerate” public protest.

During the protest, which involved more than 20 thousand people, of which 15 thousand 4 hundred people signed the petition addressed to the Government, National Parliament and the President of Mongolia. Petitioners demanded actions in the form of rigid and long term sentencing for the perpetrators forfeiting their rights for appeal and parole. Under fire were also parents or guardians who know about the abuse, but do not report. However, the main demand was an urgent creation of prevention and protection mechanisms.

Mr. Battulga Kh. The President of Mongolia has expressed his condemnation of such criminal act against children and even started talks to re-enact the death sentence. Mongolian population divided once more on whether re-enactment is the way to go, nonetheless, people do want a substantial change in legal reform.

“People must not resort to violence in order to stop violence. If we do, how are we different from the perpetrator? If we do, will we ever live in a safe environment and humane society? One of the acts of breaking the violence chain was the revocation of the death sentence. Death sentence has nothing to do with the sexual violence. On the contrary, we must focus on finding the cause of such heinous crime, build our knowledge and capacity in addressing prevention, protection and rehabilitation. Further, we must build public awareness on women’s and girls’ rights, on the rights of a child to live in the environment free from crime and violence” was the stance of the Amnesty International NGO.

MONES fully supports it and stands with the human rights defenders.

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