Initial steps to provide clean drinking water have been taken.

Bogdiin Gol bag citizens of Uliastai soum of Zavkhan province consume water from Bogd and Chigestei rivers. In recent years, they have talked about the polluted drinking water, but could not walk the talk. A network of women’s NGOs has paid attention to this issue since 2015 and started their work focusing on where the source of water pollution is and what kind of containers citizens are using to carry water. After that, they proved that there was bacterial pollution in these two rivers by testing.

It is also discovered that the citizens and women use river water as their drinking water and risk their health by doing so, due to the fact that relevant authorities do not inform the public about water monitoring results and statistics. When the water testing started, it was a matter of supplying 4,000 people with clean drinking water, whereas in the project implementation process it became a major issue related to all citizens of Zavkhan province. The issue of clean drinking water was introduced to the Citizens’ Representative Assembly and debated during the public hearing according to the Law on Public Hearing, resulting in the relevant government organizations discussing how to solve this issue to provide safe drinking water for the citizens.

As a result of making the general public understand that water safety is indispensably linked to human rights of all people, submitting a letter of demand to the Water Safety Commission of the province and organizing several advocacy meetings, consensus has been reached to build a mobile water reservoir in Bogdiin Gol bag and to solve the safety issues of drinking water for the citizens of the bag.

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