About Us


Mongolian Women's Fund

MONES is a Mongolian national grant-making organization founded in 2000. MONES mobilizes resources and provides financial support to Mongolian Women’s empowerment. It supports projects by women’s NGOs and groups, and other women-led civil society organizations and groups working for the advancement of women’s human rights.

Mongolian Women’s Fund is to raise funds in order to financially support initiatives for the advancement of Mongolian women and protection of their human rights. MONES is working to eliminate discrimination of women and girls, to increase the number of women in leadership and decision making positions, to empower women with multiple disadvantages, and to strengthen the women’s movement, through network building and collaborations.

We believe that women’s high aspirations, unlimited energy, sharp eyes, flexible minds, comprehensive approaches can make a change for better justice and equality in our society

We raise funds to reduce violations of girls’ and women’s rights.

We promote philanthropy culture for social change.

Since 2000, we have been able to distribute 1.5 billion tugriks to fund 375 projects implemented by 162 women lead grassroots and non-government organizations.

MONES has learned and grown to an organization with over 60 thousand individual donors, 130 international and 504 national and local organizational donors.