Baseline survey overview “Organizational capacity assessment of women’s NGOs and groups” 2017


  • Identifying NGOs and groups working for women’s human rights throughout Ulaanbaatar and targeted 5 provinces (rural areas) of Mongolia and establishing database of the women’s NGOs/groups list
  • Ensuring women’s participation in realizing environmental justice through involvement of GAGGA program by MONES
  • Assessing NGOs’ organizational capacities with 8 indicators accordingly Organizational Capacity Index: identifying strengths, challenges, resources, partnerships, and limitation/supportive factors and impacts of women’s rights NGOs and groups.
  • Recognition of ways of building capacities of women’s NGOs/groups, improving connection and partnership among women’s NGOs/groups.


Data base of women’s NGOs and groups profiles with details (human resource, finance, capacity, domain, experience etc.) information for networking, resourcing, information disseminating, partnering throughout Capital city and remote 5 provinces of Mongolia establishes.

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